UE Code : IL3-FENEX-FENEX Academic year : 2016-2017

Information on the course unit

Program / Education :

Bachelor and Master of Science in Engineering / Bachelor and Master of Science in Engineering

Level :

Third year of Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Language(s) :


Studies organization

Credits :


Semester :


Total Hours :

43.50 (Hours of teaching + individual study)


Objectives :

To become familiar with the tools for running a business (agricultural or other).
To know how to use these tools to analyze and put together a project

To understand the unique characteristics of farming
- Planning logic for technical production systems (crops, animal production/husbandry, forage systems) /interactions
- Operations System interdependencies / productive resources / environment
- Unique characteristics: Accounting characteristics (quarterly results, etc.), legal and tax characteristics (rural law/ business law / related accounts),

The students may choose a different type of business.
The main issues remain the same as in the description above

Contents :

Basic knowledge of Strategy
Technical and Economic Management
Financial Analysis
Cost Accounting
Forecasting Tools

Prerequisites :


Teaching methods :

Business Project. Students, in groups of 5 or 6, choose a business whose organization must be modified for strategic reasons. They have to analyze the socio-economic environment, create a development project, infer the socio-economic consequences, study the feasibility and make an action plan, make a hypothetical forecast and recommendations, most importantly make a scorecard.
Students are provided support and are supervised during the entire process by a mentoring professor who will meet the group 4 times to ensure the project is progressing and to provide them with advice on required methodology and technical aspects. In certain cases the possibility of contacting a technical mentor at ESA will be offered

Assessment :

Oral Examination (Defense)

Bibliography :

3rd year of Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Here are the modules of the Bachelor of Science in Engineering. On the second semester, besides all the compulsory common courses, students will choose between 2 minors : "Types of Agriculture and Territories" or "Business and Transformation".