UE Code : IL3-AT-MONO Academic year : 2016-2017

Information on the course unit

Program / Education :

Bachelor and Master of Science in Engineering / Bachelor and Master of Science in Engineering

Level :

Third year of Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Language(s) :


Studies organization

Credits :


Semester :


Total Hours :

0.00 (Hours of teaching + individual study)


Objectives :

- To gain of knowledge of anatomy, physiology, feeding/nutrition, controlling reproduction, growth and production.
- To be able to analyze the functioning of an animal production workshop, conduct a diagnostic of livestock production and make recommendations for improvement.

Contents :

- Species studied: Hog, fowl, rabbit
- Anatomy, physiology, feed/nutrition, controlling reproduction and growth
- Observation of livestock farming/breeder practices in the field
- Testing recommendations in theory and practice, analysis
- Operation of an animal husbandry workshop, livestock production diagnostic
- Recommending solutions to improve the operation of inefficient workshops and design new breeding farms.

Prerequisites :

Teaching methods :

- Classes, Seminar (TP) by professors and professionals in the field in common core material and as an option
- Study visits to companies linked to livestock production/animal husbandry and research laboratories
- Training on the research and review of bibliographical documents.

Assessment :

Bibliography :

Common core courses and options

2 Common core courses (CC):

  • Multifunctional Agriculture
  • Crop Production and Applied Ecology

Students will choose one of these 4 options:

  • Option 1: Monogastric option
  • Option 2: Herbivore option
  • Option 3: Annual Crops option
  • Option 4: Sustainable Viticulture option