UE Code : IM2-METVIN-TC Academic year : 2016-2017

Information on the course unit

Program / Education :

Bachelor and Master of Science in Engineering / Bachelor and Master of Science in Engineering

Level :

Second year of Master of Science in Engineering

Language(s) :


Studies organization

Credits :


Semester :


Total Hours :

170.00 (Hours of teaching + individual study)


Objectives :

To identify four levels of analysis:
- Basic knowledge of marketing applied to wine
- The global market
- The organization of the wine growing value chains, including upflow and downflow
- Wine growing areas and their analysis matrix.

It allows students :
- To understand the concepts and challenges of the international wine economy
- To manage the main tools and concepts of strategic and operational marketing
- To master the operation of value chains and wine production areas (from production to market release).

Contents :

The global wine market:
- Organization of the global wine market, dynamics, trends, challenges and perspectives
- Strategic analysis approach to global wine trade
- The export approach and the main types of markets

Winemaking value chains:
-Analysis methodology of wine value chains.
- Analysis of wine value chains: Structure, role of various actors, dynamics, strengths and weaknesses
-Wine distribution channels (downflow) and the upflow value chain

Wine Production Areas:
- Analysis methodology of wine production areas
-Applicative Study Abroad Trip : The Champagne region of France
- Audit of the area which includes the "Appellation” Savennières and Anjou Village Brissac (working group)

Prerequisites :

An understanding of the basic principles of marketing

Teaching methods :

This sequence has alternating seminars given by French and foreign professors, business professionals in the field as guest speakers and field trips.
Study Abroad Trip
Analysis of the value chain at the global level led by groups of 4-6 students (class with José Pérès de Lima).

Assessment :

Written Study Report
Individual Written Exam
Oral Report in English

Bibliography :

2nd year of Master of Science in Engineering

Students will choose only one of these topics according to their major initially chosen.
The end thesis internship is compulsory only for degree-seeker students (including students attending a bi-degree).