UE Code : IM2-CIP-PP Academic year : 2016-2017

Information on the course unit

Program / Education :

Bachelor and Master of Science in Engineering / Bachelor and Master of Science in Engineering

Level :

Second year of Master of Science in Engineering

Language(s) :


Studies organization

Credits :


Semester :


Total Hours :

226.00 (Hours of teaching + individual study)


Objectives :

Based on the development of new food products on a small-scale in module IM2-CIP-CP, the objective of this Course Unit is twofold:
- To be able to make the transition "from kitchen to factory" technology centers resolving issues that such a change in scale can raise from the point of view of manufacturing processes, and in accordance with the customer’s study order specifications.
- To design the organizational implementation of a manufacturing workshop to develop new products

Contents :

- Change a manufacturing program from the laboratory scale to the pilot test scale (see UE IM2-CIP-CP)
- Choose correctly adapted equipment
- Design the manufacturing workshop in every detail (organization of the production line, equipment, etc)
- Coordinate the industrial production of a new product
- Take quality into account : Traceability, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points - HACCP, quality control, crisis management

Prerequisites :

UE "Designing a Food Product" (IM2-CIP-CP) : Mandatory Prerequisite

Teaching methods :

- Classes – practical work in pilot manufacturing center in the laboratory – Field Trips
- Continuation of business projects started in the UE "Designing a Food Product" (UE IM2-CIP-CP)

Assessment :

- 1 individual written exam
- 2 written group reports
- 1 Individual Oral Examination (Defense) in front of a jury
- 1 individual grade for participation in the project.

Bibliography :

2nd year of Master of Science in Engineering

Students will choose only one of these topics according to their major initially chosen.
The end thesis internship is compulsory only for degree-seeker students (including students attending a bi-degree).