UE Code : LPMVT-UE2-VEIL Academic year : 2016-2017

Information on the course unit

Program / Education :

Vocational Bachelors / Bachelor of International marketing and sales of wines

Level :

International marketing and sales of wines

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Studies organization

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Semester :


Total Hours :

0.00 (Hours of teaching + individual study)


Objectives :

To become aware of how important information intelligence and monitoring is for an actor in any business, whether as initiator or participant of this monitoring.
To name some tools for internet intelligence and monitoring.

Contents :

- Issues linked to economic intelligence
- Five possible research topics
- Permanent or occasional intelligence gathering & monitoring ?
- Criteria for good information

- Organize the intelligence & monitoring cycle
- Identify resources
- Collect
- Disseminate and capitalize
- Web monitoring (intelligence)

Prerequisites :

Teaching methods :

Participate in discussions on the practices the students saw in businesses.
Lectures in Semester 1
This class is useful to students in the completion of their group case study dossier, and more generally when information needs to be researched.

Professors: Isabelle LE CORRE

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Vocational bachelors

Vocational bachelors are national degrees delivered by a University that gives the title of Bachelor. They are 2 semester programs designed for the integration into the world of work.
ESA offers 5 different one-year specializations (60 ECTS, open to French and international publics with prerequisites):
•  Agricultural Business Management
•  Management and distribution
•  Livestock production: livestock consulting
•  Crop production  
•  International marketing and sales of wines.

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