UE Code : LPMVT-UE2-ENQ Academic year : 2016-2017

Information on the course unit

Program / Education :

Vocational Bachelors / Bachelor of International marketing and sales of wines

Level :

International marketing and sales of wines

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Studies organization

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Total Hours :

0.00 (Hours of teaching + individual study)


Objectives :

- General Objective

Introduction to sociological research methods, of which the interview is the cornerstone.
To gather information from the various actors of the wine value chain
To develop an understanding of sociology as an essential investigative tool, a science with precise and rigorous methods.
To apply the tools of sociology during marketing or opinion surveys

- Intermediate Objectives:

In terms of general knowledge related to the field of training: Explore the desires, constraints and perspectives of winemakers and/or wine sellers and/or consumers in connection with the strong strategy of the professional undergraduate degree.

Regarding the methodology of a sociological study, become aware of methods of survey data collection and analysis.

Regarding professional integration, place yourself in a professional context.. Be in a position to: Listen to requirements; listen to responses which are likely made to these needs/expectations; to recommend compromises between expectations and responses.

Contents :

Prerequisites :

Teaching methods :

Combined Prerequisites:
-Conceptual input related to project maintenance and management (Lectures)
-Demonstration using field examples related to the field of activity being targeted
-Manual planning of a simple example of a project
-Active field research: Issue a written case study dossier summarizing the status of a project described and analyzed based on the interview of a project manager.
-The seminars (TD) give the students an introduction to the MS Project software by working on an actual case

Professor: Henry Claude de La Casinière

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