UE Code : LPMVT-UE3-KAL Academic year : 2016-2017

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Program / Education :

Vocational Bachelors / Bachelor of International marketing and sales of wines

Level :

International marketing and sales of wines

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Studies organization

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Total Hours :

0.00 (Hours of teaching + individual study)


Objectives :

Kalypso is a business simulation game with the following objectives:
- To be able to run a business as a group
- To report on business activities
- To make strategic decisions

Contents :

This is a company that manufactures and finishes recreational boat hulls (1 to 3 boat models).

- Over a period of one year (1 actual week) each team runs a business, and members hold a defined position:
- CEO: Oversees all activities. Work with his/her colleagues to define the company strategies and most importantly, its position on the market. Provides assistance to his/her colleagues, as needed.
- Production Manager (and assistant as needed): Manages the production workshops and handles procurement of raw materials
- Sales Manager (and assistant as needed): Manages the sales team and implements the sales policy (Sales price, brand and product advertising, payment terms given to customers)
- Finance Manager (and assistant as needed): Monitor the company “scorecard”, set production costs and manage the finances (cash management, funding of investments)

Each company is in competition with 4 other similar businesses on the same market "Universe"
2 universes (2 markets) totally independent:
- Universe A and Universe B

Each trimester, the team makes decisions in each of the following domains:
- Production: Number of hulls to produce, orders to place for raw materials
- Sales: Sales price for each boat model, advertising budget allocated to the brand and each of the models, number of sales reps, payment terms given to customers
- Finance: Provide the other departments with the production costs for the hulls manufactured in light of economic and finance ratios of the trimester in progress, assist in setting strategies. Assist the CEO in dealings with the bank.

At the end of each trimester, the company confirms the number of hulls it sold, the status of inventory, the trimester results and the balance sheet financial report at the end of the trimester.
At the end of the first year, the management team reports on the company activities to its shareholders during the general shareholder’s meeting.

Prerequisites :

Teaching methods :

The assessment is made up of:
- An evaluation from the software, on the management quality of the various points (worth 0.3)
- An evaluation on the outcome of the general shareholder’s meeting with stockholders (worth 0.7)

Claude Bazin
Nicolas Brouté
Daniel Jélu
Yves Capy

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Vocational bachelors

Vocational bachelors are national degrees delivered by a University that gives the title of Bachelor. They are 2 semester programs designed for the integration into the world of work.
ESA offers 5 different one-year specializations (60 ECTS, open to French and international publics with prerequisites):
•  Agricultural Business Management
•  Management and distribution
•  Livestock production: livestock consulting
•  Crop production  
•  International marketing and sales of wines.

Student can attend one of our several Vocational Bachelor degrees as a degree seeker or an exchange student.
The English description of these Bachelor are not available yet except for the "BACHELOR OF INTERNATIONAL MARKETING AND SALES OF WINES". For any further information about the other Bachelors, you will contact Hélène RONGEOT :