UE Code : LPMVT-UE6-PT Academic year : 2016-2017

Information on the course unit

Program / Education :

Vocational Bachelors / Bachelor of International marketing and sales of wines

Level :

International marketing and sales of wines

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Studies organization

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Total Hours :

0.00 (Hours of teaching + individual study)


Objectives :

- The accompanied project is an important component of the professional undergraduate degree whose objectives are more specifically:
- To allow students to complete an actual job-related task with the support of a company actually in operation
- To expand their ability to be self-sufficient when problem-solving and managing the project.
- To practice communicating effectively in writing.

Contents :

The accompanied project is a study led by a student or a group of students (5 max).
It is preferable for the subject to result from an expressed need from a company or, if not that, a problem defined by the student(s), in relation to real situations or a connection to a specific business project.

When the subject is the result of an expectation from a business partner, the student(s) therefore has a sponsor, interested by the result of his/her work and who will be interested in how it progresses.

The study will therefore consist of contributing to resolving an issue which the business is facing. This involves work which, depending on the subject, consists of:
- On the one hand, analyzing a situation
- On the other hand, seeking solutions and making recommendations
- In certain cases, the business supporting the study may decide to implement the recommendations.

Depending on the subject, the study will focus on one aspect or another.

In each case, the study requires the gathering of field data and/or the examining of various documentation sources.

This is a wide-ranging topic and the degree to which it is covered depends on the number of students participating. As a result, there are specifications for the work to be done, an evaluation of the approaches and time required will be required prior to final acceptance of the subject by the training center.

Examples of accompanied projects:

Optimizing production costs in order to improve compensation given to members of a cooperative winery.

Feasibility study for the creation of a wine Bar/Shop in the city of Angers, France.

What are the specifications for future markets targeted for export for a new winegrowing business merger – including their production, type of wine, quality and group financing?

How can sales be developed in the wine and spirits department of a department store / supermarket?

Prerequisites :

Seminar on survey methodology and problem-solving

Teaching methods :

This module continues through the entire academic year. Students must turn in a methodological report in Semester 1. In Semester 2 students complete a group case study dossier and present the summary of their work in groups. Each group of 4 to 5 students is supported by their sponsor and a professor-advisor at ESA.
Each student must spend a minimum of 140 hours of work to this study between November and April (possible June); For a group of 4 people this represents between 400 and 500 hours of work expected. The students have time set aside for going to meetings with the sponsors.

Assessment :

Bibliography :

Vocational bachelors

Vocational bachelors are national degrees delivered by a University that gives the title of Bachelor. They are 2 semester programs designed for the integration into the world of work.
ESA offers 5 different one-year specializations (60 ECTS, open to French and international publics with prerequisites):
•  Agricultural Business Management
•  Management and distribution
•  Livestock production: livestock consulting
•  Crop production  
•  International marketing and sales of wines.

Student can attend one of our several Vocational Bachelor degrees as a degree seeker or an exchange student.
The English description of these Bachelor are not available yet except for the "BACHELOR OF INTERNATIONAL MARKETING AND SALES OF WINES". For any further information about the other Bachelors, you will contact Hélène RONGEOT :