UE Code : ABM2-MFE-MFE Academic year : 2016-2017

Information on the course unit

Program / Education :

Master of Science / Master International agribusiness

Level :

Second year of the Master International agribusiness

Language(s) :


Studies organization

Credits :


Semester :


Total Hours :

750.00 (Hours of teaching + individual study)


Objectives :

- To undertake work experience, solving a problem put forward by a firm.
- To be able to tackle a specific issue, while taking the scientific, technical, strategic and
human aspects into account.
- To define a problem. To make a diagnosis. To develop and put forward solutions. To be
involved in their implementation
- work placement has to provide for intercultural experience

Contents :

- Insertion into a firm or organisation
- Problem analysis - project management
- Data analysis - synthesis - solutions for making a decision
- See detailed descriptive card on MFE (final thesis) (chapter on "work placements")

Prerequisites :

- Internship project has to be validated by head of master to make sure it will fulfill Master
level requirement, prior to any placement
- no internship contract can be issued without this preliminary validation
- Project has to be written according to guidelines provided by the master programme
(guidelines are available from master’s assistant)

Teaching methods :

Work placement in a firm - personal work
Six months work.

Assessment :

Three items will be evaluated for 1/3 each: 1) written report – 2) oral presentation in front of a
jury 3) fulfilled work and personal behaviour in the firm. A minimum of 10/20 must be
obtained on each of the items to validate this semester.

Bibliography :

International Agribusiness Master

A 3 semester program that aims to:
• Prepare  future  executives  capable  of  establishing  and  developing  agribusiness relations worldwide;
• Offer future executives, who already have acquired a technical training in the field of  agriculture  and  food  industry, a thorough practical knowledge of positions related to international trade in the European and other economic blocks markets context