INGENIEUR/ING/First year of Master of Science in Engineering

Master of Science in Engineering

A Master of Science in Engineering is a 5 year comprehensive program and degree validated by an independent body under the control of the Minister for Education.  It is a degree delivered by Universities and Grandes écoles. The Master of Science in Engineering degree is of high social status in France as it is of high academic quality and traditionally has been a guarantee of a job at management level upon graduation.
The ESA Master of Science in Engineering is a generalist degree designed to train managers for the agricultural sector and food industry with a strong scientific and technical background and an international dimension.
The objective of this degree is to train technically competent future managers for companies. Students develop technical competencies and analytical tools and undertake an average of 18 months of internships in companies during their 5 year program.

Exchange students are allowed to follow any semester of these 3 years. All degree seekers students (including students attending a bi-degree program) will attend the 1st and the 2nd year of the Master of Science in Engineering.