The French and European Master system

Our "Master Food Identity and "International Vintage Master" are "Diplôme National de Master" (DNM)
A DNM is a university degree and grade delivered in the higher educational system of the French educational system and the European area. It validates a second university cycle of higher education lasting 5 years after the High School Diploma. The "Diplôme National de Master" (DNM)  is delivered by a University or a Grande Ecole (Ecole d'Ingénieur or Ecole de Commerce) 2 years after getting a Bachelor degree.
"Master International Agribusiness" is a Master accredited by the "Conférence des grandes écoles" (CGE)
A CGE Master  is a degree delivered by a school member of the "Conférence des grandes écoles" as part of an accredited programme. The label is a registered collective label owned by the "Conférence des grandes écoles". Only schools who are members of the "Conférence des grandes écoles" are entitled to use this label, and only for the course(s) for which it has been granted.