UE Code : IM1-MIM-SEMS1 Academic year : 2016-2017

Information on the course unit

Program / Education :

Master of Science / Master International agribusiness

Level :

First year of the Master International agribusiness

Language(s) :


Studies organization

Credits :


Semester :


Total Hours :

78.00 (Hours of teaching + individual study)


Objectives :

This module is for students, future operations managers and executives, future actors in daily strategies, who want to better understand the environmental dynamics of a business and the determining factors of business strategies

• To understand the advantage of carrying out a strategic analysis approach
• To become familiar with strategic thinking
• To become familiar with and use strategic analysis tools and understand the conditions for their implementation: Analysis of the business environment, analysis of the strategic capacity of the business and its portfolio of activities / products, etc.
• To implement a risk-analysis approach
• To come up with strategic options
• To advocate for certain policies, more specifically, marketing and financial

Contents :

• Introduction to business strategy (review)
• Strategic Analysis: From strategic diagnostics to advocacy
- External diagnostic and evaluation of competition (PESTEL, SWOT, strategic segmentation, FCS, Attractiveness of an activity, Porter’s five Competitive Forces.)
- Internal diagnostics (Strategic Domain of Activity -SDA, Value Chain, functional analysis, competences, etc.)
- Activity portfolio analysis / Product and Formulation of development options (strategic matrixes, etc.)
- Strategic alternatives, choices and development
- Marketing and Finance Strategy

Prerequisites :

Class on strategy in IL3: IL3 –FENEX
Class on marketing in IL3: IL3-MAFIL
Or Admis 4 class

Teaching methods :

Class - Seminars (TD) - Accompanied Work (TA) - Study Time (ED)
Case Study
Sectoral analysis dossier / analysis of a business
Testimonials: “Pro-Tuesday” and testimony/business field trip

Yves CAPY, Marina POURRIAS, Daniel JELU, Joanny RAY, Laurent PERRON, Nathalie FONTAINE, Brigitte SOULEZ

Assessment :

Written exam on the subject of strategy (4 hrs) = 3 ects
Oral Report of case study = 1 ects
Oral Report on sector = 2 ects (of which 1 ects is a grade for individual participation)

Bibliography :

International Agribusiness Master

A 3 semester program that aims to:
• Prepare  future  executives  capable  of  establishing  and  developing  agribusiness relations worldwide;
• Offer future executives, who already have acquired a technical training in the field of  agriculture  and  food  industry, a thorough practical knowledge of positions related to international trade in the European and other economic blocks markets context